Grammys Fashion 2017, always crazy!!!!



The Grammys fashion will never stop being strange . Take for example Margaret Cho’s sheer peacock dress, Jennifer Lopez’s low-low-low-cut Versace dress (which, in retrospect, actually seems almost demure), and Nicki Minaj’s Little Red Riding Hood-like cape?

And here are the breathtaking styles this year:

The night had barely begun when a singer known for trying to grab attention on the carpet arrived: Joy Villa, who wore a dress made out of orange construction fence material to the awards last year, arrived in a blue, white and red dress with “Make America Great Again,” President Trump’s campaign slogan, typed out vertically down the front.

Cee Lo Green arrived in an all-gold costume that  the online community found closest to a Ferrero Rocher candy, the Sons of the Harpy characters in “Game of Thrones” and a “Power Rangers” villain. What was the message? Who knows.

George Clinton and Carlon Thompson-Clinton. CreditFrazer Harrison/Getty Images 

And George Clinton looked as if he strode right out of his living room, wearing a low-waisted white robe. He topped off the casual outfit with a shiny crownlike hat embellished with a cross.


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