Top 9 S*x Positions To Try This Valentine’s Day


Our favourite sex positions to make you feel the love! See how to do each of them:

How to do it: This is essentially upside-down missionary. Once your bodies are aligned, grab his butt to help control the thrusts—maybe throw in a spank or two if that’s your jam.

Have him lie back as you lie on top of him, face to face.

Prop your valentine up with some pillows and his legs outstretched. Then, lower yourself onto him, keeping your feet flat on the bed (or floor, or whatever). Here, you’re able to control the rhythm by pressing up through the balls of your feet.

Lie side-by-side in the spooning position, and bend your knees slightly so that he can enter you from behind.

Lie back in the plow position, with your ankles on either side of your head. He will squat and dip his penis in and out of you.

While he’s sitting down, you sit in his lap, facing him.

Lie back with your legs resting on each of his shoulders. This narrows your vagina for a snugger fit and more stimulation.

Get on all fours and have him kneel behind you. He enters from behind while holding your hips or boobs.

He stands while you straddle him, wrapping your legs around his body. He, in turn, supports your backside. You can transition to this move from lying down or simply take a leap of faith.



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