Amazing beach body at 70. What is her secret?


Carolyn Hartz is from Perth, Australia and, believe it or not, she is 70! Her age is definitely hard to believe for anyone looking at her beach photos. The superfit gran reveals the secret of her looks and it is: No sugar!

Carolyn had to cut off sugar after a pre-diabetes diagnosis when she was 40. As well as ditching sugar, she credits managing portion sizes and getting enough sleep – eight hours a night – as crucial elements to staying fit and well. Previously a self-confessed “sugar addict”, now Carolyn makes sure she eats protein with every meal, especially breakfast, as it helps to curb her cravings.

Along with quitting sweets, Carolyn says she never sunbathes and always wears sun cream. She keeps active and tries to be as healthy as possible. Enjoys tennis and yoga and meditates every day.

“Yes, I do get some maintenance done, but surgery is not the answer to a healthy well-being.”, Carolyn said.

The inspirational gran-of-four also puts her fabulous physique down to having a “glass half full attitude” and always looking at the bright side of life.


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