New Horrible Teenage Challenge Could Seriously Harm Children’s Skin!


The latest trend among teenagers in UK is the so called “deodorant challenge”. After the “eraser challenge” and the “salt and ice challenge”, kids are now crazy about holding a can of aerosol deodorant just above the skin and spraying for as long as possible.

The result is a series of red spots. According to dermatologists the trend is really scary, because teens are causing themselves chemical burns. The aerosol’s force and the temperature change on the skin can lead to second- and third-degree skin burns.


The social media makes the trend viral in only few days and more and more children are reported to participate in the challenge. Parents should be aware of the dangers it may cause, as well as the scars sprays might leave on the skin.

Doctor’s advice to parents in case red marks are spotted on kid’s arms is to wash the area with lukewarm water to get any residual chemicals off, and then go see a doctor immediately.


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