Ronaldo With a New Cute Family Photo. Is He a Father of Three Now?


While the fans of the football star are wondering if there’s some truth in the rumors Ronaldo is already a father of twins, he posted a new family photo with his son Christiano Jr. On Sunday Christiano Ronaldo uploaded a picture of the boy and himself with identical haircuts, which emphasize on the similarity between father and son.

Meanwhile the rumor has it that Ronaldo has recently become a father of twins, a boy and a girl, named Mateo and Eva. This time, like the previous, the Real Madrid star has used a surrogate mother and the babies have been reportedly born on Thursday. So far Ronaldo has not confirmed the news, but his mother was spotted travelling to US, probably to fetch the babies, as she did with Christiano Jr. when he was born in 2010.

There were also speculations about Ronaldo’s girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez. She was suspected to be pregnant after posting photos with Ronaldo’s hand on her belly. Georgina’s pregnancy was denied by Ronaldo’s mother in front of a Portuguese magazine.

Is the footballer now a father of three? We will soon know for sure.


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