Sony Introduces New Virtual Reality Games


At this year’s E3 video game show in Los Angeles Sony teased promising new games for its PSVR virtual reality headset hardware.

The company put an accent on the VR content for the role playing game Skyrim. A new first-person horror title was also shown – The Inpatient.

At the show a virtual reality fishing simulator for Final Fantasy – Monster of the Deep – made its debut.

Sony recently announced they have sold one million PSVR headsets, so there is a huge market for the new VR titles. The company used the E3 show to tease with the new blockbuster titles for PS4. Spiderman will come to PS4 in 2018, Sony announced.

A brand new VR title unveiled at the briefing was Bravo Team – a first-person shooter from Supermassive Games, the developers behind Until Dawn.

Before the firm’s main briefing got under way, it announced a new feature for PlayStation owners – PlayLink, which lets several people join gaming experiences via their smartphones.


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