Standing Ovation Receives Theater For Staging Trump’s Assassination


The New York Public Theater’s Free Shakespeare in the Park production of Julius Caesar showed the brutal assassination of Donald Trump-as-Caesar. The performance was given standing ovation by the crowd in the theater on Monday.

Variety published a review of the play that bravely defines Trump supporters as “fearsome,” “mindless” and “frightening”.

The artistic director Eustis insisted that despite choosing to transform Julius Caesar into Donald Trump and then graphically depict his murder, the theater, of course, did not in any way promote violence.
“Anybody who watches this play tonight — and I’m sorry there’s going to be a couple of spoiler alerts here — will know that neither Shakespeare nor the Public Theater could possibly advocate violence as a solution to political problems, and certainly not assassination,” he said.

The play lost two sponsors, Delta and Bank of America, but the other funders — including Time-Warner, American Express, New York Magazine and The New York Times — are standing firm behind the expression of political satire.


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