Hitler’s Secret Coding Machine Sold For 547 000 Dollars


The Enigma machine used by Hitler’s high command to transmit coded messages to Nazi submarines sold for a world record of 547 500 dollars yesterday in New York.

The coding machine was especially developed for the Nazis, who suffered multiple defeats early in the World War II. It was named M4 because of its four rotors instead of three. The machine is considered one of the most difficult to decrypt. German officials absolutely believed that its codes were unbreakable and used it for all types of communications.

Kriegsmarine commander-in-chief Karl Donitz, who was in charge of the German navy, ordered the development of the M4. Its additional rotor gave the device higher level of encryption, which made it unbreakable for ten months before the codebreakers cracked it.

By the summer of 1943, the majority of M4 Enigma messages were being read by the Allies, which played a significant role in the Battle of the Atlantic.


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