Pregnant Russian Pole Dancer Keeps Dancing Until 38 Weeks


Svetlana Volkova, 32-year-old Russian pole dancer from Krasnodar started dancing after the birth of her first child and continued with her regime until six months into her second pregnancy.

Initially she started pole fitness to lose weight after first baby was born. But later it became a routine for her and she didn’t want to give it up even heavily pregnant for a second time.
The images show the young mother-of-two in breathtaking positions. She is wearing killer high heels, holding herself upside down.

“I didn’t have to change my training routines until I got into the sixth month and my belly started growing,” said Svetlana. “The biggest problem came with my growing belly when my centre of gravity started to change which made it difficult to do handstands.”

Now, with her new baby Svetlana keeps dancing to get back in shape after birth.


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