Bad Hair Day? Not For Her! Woman Creates Amazing Hair Sculptures


The 21-year-old Laetitia KY is a fashion designer and self-described “art addict” from Abidjan, Ivory Coast. She’s recently been wowing the internet with her new viral Instagram series that show some absolutely amazing hair sculptures.

Laetitia uses materials like fabric, pins, thread, wire, and hair extensions to create hairdos that appear to defy gravity.

The young designer says her creations can take from 20 minutes to two hours to get ready,  although they look like they would take days. Her most popular series shows a set of floating hair-hands that are doing everything from holding her glasses to playing the guitar.

She described the series in a Facebook post, writing: “My hair in the shape of hands is the expression of my thought, which is so strong that it decides to materialize before I even go through with the action.”

Laetitia explains how she got her inspiration for the hands series: “I was thinking about a female African superhero that draws her power from her hair, and uses it to do what she wants, when she wants it.”

“In everything I do, especially in my work, I take inspiration from Africa.” A strong believer in “affirming your uniqueness”, Laetitia keeps creating magical sculptures with her hair.


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