Energy Of The Future: Coffee Fueled Busses?


London is among of the biggest cities in the world, which makes its air one of the most polluted. The need of clean air is vital in big cities and that leads to various green ideas. Such an idea occurred in the head of Arthur Kay, a green entrepreneur, who wants to make the famous London red buses to run on fuel generated by coffee waste.

Kay is the founder of Biobean – a start-up which is gathering waste from big coffee chains and converting it into liquid fuel.

“We are going through a period of energy divergence where we are moving from a fossil-fuel based society to one that is increasingly diversified. Bio-fuel will be crucial to that,” said Kay.

The method of oil extraction is patented. It extracts 15 to 20% of oil and the remaining mass is turned into pellets, which can be used as fuel in wood burners.

“In the UK, people consume 500,000 tonnes of coffee each year, and if we could use all of it we could power a city such as Manchester,” Arthur Kay explained.

Bio-fuel is becoming a necessity in more and more countries and its benefits are undoubtable. The good news is that bio-fuel can be made out of anything from chocolate to sewage.


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